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we love this! preventative care that i can trust and my girl loves the treat. i’m just happy to be helping my girl out with a great company

Skin + Coat

We love these skin and coat chews! We have already started seeing an improvement in Koda’s coat and his itchiness has decreased dramatically! 10/10 recommend!

Skin and joint

Pups love them! Take time like a treat and it seem to be working good

Hip & Joint

The vet told us to start hip and joint supplements for Rambo’s arthritis in his hips. These supplements are easy to give him as they are soft chews and he enjoys it very much!

Digestive - great for reducing scooting!

So far they’ve already been working and it’s only been a few days!! These are great because only once per day if under 75 lbs so they will last a couple months! I want to try to other supplements too!

Love the skin & coat chews!

We absolutely love the skin & coat chews! My dogs find it tasty and helps with their skin & coat! Win-win!


We absolutely love the skin and coat supplements they work amazing!
We also love the kidney support it truly works and helped my kitties a lot. We 100% Recommend it will not disappoint!


I love these products! Absolutely amazing!! I recommend all of these products to all of my friends

Great Product

We’ve been using the hip and joint chews for over 12 days! They have already improved my elder dogs mobility!! He is getting up and down the stairs with ease!

Best thing for your dog!

We were gifted the hip + joint supplements by wagsource and pupfluencer to try. We have noticed a big difference in Olivers movement and he is not as stiff. If theres one thing I would give my dog it would be this suppliment!

Dual Benefit

My dogs love the dual benefit and as a dog Mom I know they are receiving the proper vitamins to maintain their healthy coat and strong bone and joint. The supplement has no side effects for my dogs. There coat have never been this soft. Also I have notice less shedding. My border collie can run and play without me worrying about his joints. Since we started using this, Itching and shedding has decreased tremendously. Absolutely a supplement that works wonders!

Digestive supplement

Absolutely LOVE! Has helped my dog out so much!

Amazing product!

Our girl is an almost 9 year old shepherd and I’ve been worried about her hips as she gets older! I just recently started giving her these to hopefully keep her protected in her elder years! This company is super easy to communicate with + they care about your animals!

Calming aid is a game changer!

My Australian shepherd mix can be anxious with new people, car rides, during thunder storms, and more. We were given this supplement in exchange for an honest review, and after getting through almost a whole container, this is the BEST calming chew that we have ever tried! Each ingredient has a purpose, my dog loves the taste, and these have helped take the edge off in stressful situations! We will be keeping this in our supplement cabinet, we have tried so many types of calming supplements with no improvement, so these chews have been a total game changer and my dog can relax and enjoy life just that much more with the wag source calming aid chews!

Skin & Coat works wonders

We really love these chews already after a few weeks. Her coat is so shiny and I have seen a huge reduction in shedding and itching. I think it is safe to say these work really well for my itchy girl.

Skin and coat

Rogue loves taking these supplements, I thought it would be difficult to get her to eat them, but she runs with it, literally takes it from my hand and runs away to eat it.

Hip and Joint For Bullies

Hip and joint supplement has helped both my bulldogs with better movement and keeping their joint lubricated. Bulldogs tend to carry a lot of extra weight on their bodies and legs the put extra strain on them. I can see the difference in their mobility.

A great hip and joint option!

We love the maximum strength hip and joint chew! It really helps my dog, Sydney, feel her best every day! She lives the flavor, and I love the benefits!

My dog loves them!

My dog suffers from anxiety and while these aren’t a cure, I do feel that they definitely help ease her nerves and calm her down. She also LOVES the flavor!

Hip and joint...Great for large breed

Newfies and other large breed dogs often have issues with their hips and joints due to their size. Keeping your dog at a healthy weight is extremely important. We made a great choice to help Ellie with joint and hip health.

Great product

Our dogs love the skin and coat! Easy to crush in their food or give as a treat! 10/10 recommend! Very effective and noticed their fur is so soft!

Amazing product

Amazing treats
Easy to crush in food
10/10 recommend

My dog loves them!

*update* I do think they help calm her nerves and settle her down

It’s hard to say 100% if these really calm my dog or not, but she absolutely loves them! My dog is reactive and I’m hoping that I start seeing the calming results more soon!

Just emptied the bottle and will be ordering again!

Our 2 dogs are notorious for having sensitive tummies and introducing a probiotic and prebiotic has helped greatly to regulate them. This flavor is also amazing. We have a very picky eater and he had no problems with this!


Duque loved the calming aid, is just amazing, he sleeps like a angel now <3